Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Filled With the Spirit

The Spirit has been kicking my behind lately! Putting so many convictions on my heart and thankfully the previous year has been one of softening my heart so I am open to adjusting myself and obeying His lead. I am beginning to realize that I am not longer "a youth" (1 Tim. 4:12), both physically and spiritually. I cannot use that as an excuse, but I should not have been anyways. God has been wanting to use me and I have been hindering that work. I do not know what great things could have happened in and around my life if I had been open to His calling, but I want to be done being spiritually lazy.

Having received salvation at a young age and then attending Christian based schools K-Master's program in addition to church, I have a personal history with Christ and a heritage as I am at least a 4th generation Christian on both sides of my family. I have decent head knowledge, but have been so lazy in application. I have begun to realize that I may know lots of Scripture, but my understanding is scewed. I have taken for granted my relationship with Christ since it is all I've ever really known since life prior to my conversion was preschool life. 

I have been convicted of my complacency. I have decided to follow the Spirit's proddings and hopefully learning how to better obey God. Some specifics I want to work on:

*Scripture memory. Both word-for-word passages with references, but also general ideas of certain passages so I can find them quickly without using the concordance. 

*Basic overview and key points of every book of the Bible. This will take some time, but I want to know the Word. I want to be able to teach it generally and answer basic questions. I want to know where to look for deeper questions. This will put me in the Word.

*Continual prayer life. Prayer first. Prayer in my actions. Prayer as my answer and not as my fall back. 

*Being comfortable evangelizing. This is basic. This is the gospel. This is my purpose. And I am horrible at it! While evangelism is a Spiritual Gift and it is certainly not mine, it should be something all Christians can do. I don't want to hesitate and I don't want to be confused with what to say or do. I want to be confident in my God and my faith and know what needs to be said and the truth that needs to be spoken. 

I want to be filled with the Spirit so that there is no other option but for it to overflow into every area of my life. 

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