Friday, October 28, 2016

Chase 3 Months

It has already been a quarter of a year with baby Chase! I partly feel like I'm still getting used to having three kids around, but I also feel like everyday is very normal again. Even though it has been a year since we decided we wanted to have another biological child, it still seems like it all happened so fast! We decided to have another biological child one night when the previous night we had planned to wait to adopt. Then we got pregnant within two months without putting too much thought of effort into the process. Then the pregnancy was so smooth with very little symptoms so if didn't really seem like I was pregnant. Then Chase was born on a day that just felt weird since I went to a Dr. appt and just never went back home. It all happened so quickly and I don't know if my brain has even fully realized that I have three children. 

Chase is gaining so much more personality and interacting so much more with our entire family. He notices his brothers and smiles at them. He calms down when Daddy holds him a lot more than he used too. He is going longer between feedings too, so it helps that he isn't always hungry when he's crying. He recognizes my voice even when he can't see me and tries to find me. He is so so strong and has always been able to lift his head up. He is gaining core strength to hold himself up when I'm holding him upright. We put him in the bumbo for a little while and he did well for s few minutes before he just slumped. He is trying so hard to roll over from back to front, but he usually gets so worked up that he can't make the final turn of the roll. 

I never imagined having three boys. I never imagined loving three boys so much! But Chase has stolen my heart every bit as much as his brothers before him. I am so excited to watch him grow up since I know how great the other stages are! But for now, I am enjoying his baby-ness.

9 Weeks
*first round of shots 9/29. Extra fussy and spit up/pooped often- not necessarily more than normal, but the spit up was thicker.
*starting to wake up in the morning and after naps and want to play and not eat right away. On the mornings will go longer between feeding (2ish hours) but in the evenings he'll eat every hour, but smaller portions at a time.
*hates tummy time, but doesn't mind lying on his back on his playmat.

10 Weeks
*10/6 was sitting against Daddy's knees and Daddy was tickling his tummy. Normally he doesn't like tickles, but he smiled real big and let our one lone chuckle! It was adorable! We tried to get him to do it again but he just gave us big smiles.
*been very drooly this week. We've noticed little teeth mounds since he was born so have been expecting him to teeth early.
*loves to sit up against Mumma's knees. I began to clap his hands with mine (like patty cake) and he got the biggest grin I've seen yet! I kept doing it and he kept smiling!
*10/10-10/13 has his first cold. Has a lot of green gunk coming out of his eyes and is super stuffed up. I boogie bulbed him several times, which he hated, but afterwards when he could breath through his nose he was all smiles! He also had some thick drool and would spit up when he could cough. 

11 Weeks
*drenching his onesies in drool! 

12 Weeks
*10/24 was lying on Daddy's lap with his head against Daddy's belly (facing out) and rolled himself to the side and onto his tummy! All on his own with no help from Daddy.

His 13 week birthday was yesterday, so no notes for that week. But I wanted to  include the picture for records sake. I'll include it in his four month post as well. 

He keeps looking bigger and older! I love watching him learn, but I also just want to keep him small for awhile longer! 

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