Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chase Month 5

Again, playing catch up here. It was so much fun getting to introduce Chase to most of his aunts, uncles, and cousins (except Uncle Josh) on the Iveson and Bonnell sides. He is the only baby so he got plenty of attention from all of his family.

18 weeks
*12/2 sat in high chair for the first time! Loved sitting up and watching all of us eat.
*taking longer naps on his own. I put him in his rock n play or on the bed squished between pillows. Definitely nice having the extra time instead of being stuck under him. He is still super snuggly so I don't feel like I'm missing out.
*12/5 started sucking his thumb consistently. He had been taking a paci but hasn't been able to figure out how to put it in his mouth recently. 
*12/6 sat in stroller (pockit) for PWOC. He liked sitting and watching everyone until he got startled by loud singing. Then he wanted to be held.

19 weeks
*12/14 first time with a babysitter! Mumma and Daddy had a military ball to go to so we left Chase in the capable hands of Janae Nibbelink (from PWOC). Since Chase doesn't take a bottle we were a little nervous he would freak out, but she was prepared for him to cry a lot. They did great together! He did cry, but he would fall asleep. When we got back home it had been about 4.5 hours apart and he was so happy to see Mumma! He smiled at me and was just so happy to be held by me before he even thought about eating. His face wasn't splotchy and red, so I knew he hadn't completely freaked out. Hopefully we can continue to leave him with sitters for date nights in the future.
*gets chatty in the evening. Says a lot of "goo" "blarg" and "ahhh" sounds. Still loves blowing raspberries too.

20 weeks
*12/19 first road trip to MI! The car ride lasted 9.5 hours and Chase is a champ, just like his brothers! He cried a couple times but would calm himself down and fall asleep. He ate when we stopped for lunch and then we stopped once more a couple hours later for potty breaks and for him to eat again. Otherwise he was happy in his car seat or sleeping! What a major blessing since that drive isn't all that enjoyable and if he had been crying the entire way it would have made us less likely to come back soon.
*Chase just loves people and I am so thankful for that. He has no problem being held by others except when he wants to eat. He smiles at everyone and is a very social baby. 
*12/20 met Aunt CC, Ethan, Calvin, and Uncle Mark 
*12/21 met the Bonnell side of the family at the Big Bonnell Christmas party. Did so well letting anyone hold him and was so smiley at everyone.

21 weeks
*12/22 finally likes being lightly tossed in the air! He would giggle and giggle with the slightest toss!
*12/24 reached out purposefully and grabbed a teether toy from me! 
*12/24 met Aunt Rebecca 
*Had a great first Christmas. He didn't really notice the opening part of the presents, but he got so many fun new toys for the coming months as he gets more interested in toys. 

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