Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chase Month 4

I'm majorly backtracking because the blogger app hasn't been updated to keep up with the current iPhone IOS. So every time I try to write a blog it closes the app out when I start to type. Kinda annoying. Time to update your app, google! 

Anyways, here are Chase's weekly facts.

13 Weeks
*his startle reflex is calming down. He doesn't throw his arms up and stiffen his back much anymore.
*so so close to laughing! He's given me a couple single chuckles with big grins, but not belly laughs yet.
*loves skinnamirink a dink a dink and the motions.
* still hates bottles! Tried to send one to church but he got real mad when they tried to give it him.

14 Weeks
*he gets very upset if he sees me and then I go out of his line of vision. He has a very screechy cry when this happens.

15 Weeks
*11/14 first bath with big brother (Daniel). At first he loved looking at his brother and was smiling. Then I had to scootch him up on his bath mat and he felt unbalanced and cried the rest of bath time.
*his cheeks get chapped if he's outside in the wind. It doesn't seem to bother him but it takes a couple days of lotion around the clock to bring down the red, dryness. 
*drool monster! Drools all over his shirts and his shoulder straps on the car seat. He wants to nurse all the time too, so maybe early teething. 
*loves the mirror on the swing at church. He'll look straight up and stare at himself while swinging back and forth.

16 Weeks
*doing so well sitting in the bumbo. Likes watching me and his brothers moving around him. 
*mixing 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. He's definitely growing! Some of his 0-3 month onesies are too short now.
*has such a strong grip. He'll hold onto my shirts or hair with a vengeance when I'm holding him on my hip.
*also, can support his own back and neck while he sits on my hip.
*tries to "blow blueberries" back at me. He makes a sound similar but can't figure out blowing his lips. He smacks his lips when I do it too. 
*11/24 Chase stayed in tummy time long enough to roll over onto his back! Since he's been so close to rolling from back to front I knew he could roll from front to back, but this is the first time he officially did it.

17 Weeks
*11/25 he did it! He rolled over from his back to his tummy! He was real mad that I wasn't holding him and got even more mad when he rolled over and was suddenly in tummy time, but he did it!

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